Welcome to The Paper Journal.

My name is Kirsty and I am from a small island called Great Britain. I am a Londoner. I wasn’t always a Londoner. I grew up in the British countryside. So, moving to the big city was an amazing experience. I love it! Everything is just a bus/tube ride away.

This blog was created to discuss my love for paper & stationery. From fountain pens to notebooks and even Filofax. I am definitely obsessed with stationery. I can spend hours browsing through WHSmith, Paperchase and online stationery stores. Why, you may ask? I love to organise. Everything I own, including my thoughts, has to placed somewhere. Do not worry, I am not that tidy. Every so often, my desk is filled with papers and sticky notes. Then again, I do enjoy reorganising my desk afterwards. Indeed, the joy of putting things back where they belong.

My collection at the moment includes a variety of Moleskine notebooks, a large scrapbook, a few fountain pens that I use regularly, an accumulation of sticky notes and my recent favourite, a Personal Malden Filofax. Please note that this collection is always expanding.

Furthermore, I love books. In fact, I love all sorts of books. I don’t exactly have a specific genre. I go through non-fiction novels to fantasy, I even read a bit of Shakespeare at times. My life is always filled with books. As a result, I am certain that this blog will have a few book reviews.

When I am not collecting stationery, I am photographing. I am an amateur photographer. My life’s passion is photography. No words can describe how much I love to take photos. As a result, all images you may find on this blog, is taken by myself. Please contact me, if you wish to use my photographs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.
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