Beyond New Beginnings

A warm welcome to The Paper Journal. Once more, I am starting afresh. You may ask me, am I an experienced blogger? I guess I am. I have blogged consistently for about a year now, and I am loving it. Indeed it is still running successfully. If you wish to find it, you will need to start looking North; or was it South. First person who finds it, will receive a magic cookie. Thus, I will say no more about my previous blog. This is a new beginning once more. In fact, it is beyond new beginnings.

Why have I started a new blog? The reason is due to my addiction for all things paper & stationery. It is far greater than I would have imagined. As a result, a new blog to showcase this addiction is perfect. In addition, I have recently found so many new stationery websites and blogs. Thus, it was simply perfect timing to create a new blog about my love for stationery.

Subsequently, I welcome new followers and readers. If you are a stationery lover yourself, please subscribe and join me on this journey for a cure. Although, I will admit, a cure will be very hard to find. In fact, It may just be impossible. A cure for stationery addiction is hard to across these days.

Nevertheless, I promise you, you will be admiring many photographs. Some of the photographs will even be taken by myself. Upon request, you may download and admire the photographs yourself. In fact, you may just end up buying the stationery item. I am certain, you will find many Moleskines, Filofaxes and fountain pens on this crazy  journey.

I do hope you enjoy this blog, The Paper Journal. May it grant you many ideas and future wishes.

Much Grace,


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