Filofax Dividers

When owning a personal organiser, one of the best ways to personalise it, is by creating your own dividers. Of course, you can probably buy your own, but where’s the fun in that? I have always loved to create dividers, because you can choose your own type of card and design. There are so many decorative cards to choose from these days.

Ever since I have learnt the art of scrapbooking, I have collected a ton of card stock. Stationery shopping is now better than normal clothes shopping. In fact I am certain, I have spent more on stationery items this year. Most of my favourite stationery stores are online, but I do like to hang around in CASS Art in Islington and Paperchase’s Flagship store in Tottenham Court Road. I even find the odd bargain from WHSmith.

Dividers are very easy to make. All you need is your chosen card, a template to draw around, scissors and a hole punch. You can of course add more finishing touches to the dividers, but I like to keep mine simple.


A Personal Organiser

One of my favourite organisers that I love to travel with is the Filofax. Not only does it have a monthly diary, but you can keep all your notes, contacts and finances in one place. You could even use it as a wallet. There are plenty of pockets and sections to keep your cards and receipts.

The Filofax Malden range is beautiful. They come in a range of colours, from Grey, Ochre, Vintage Pink and the one I own: Crimson. A gorgeous rich, dark leather that is perfect to show off to your friends and family. Filofax states that the Malden is ‘The epitome of relaxed style. A laid back personal organiser with rustic stitching and a soft, casual construction.

Priced at £76 (RRP), it is not the cheapest of organisers; but the quality is excellent. Without a doubt, the Filofax will last you a lifetime. All sections are refillable and can easily be purchased in all popular stationery stores.

If you are looking to organise your life that extra bit more without turning to technology, I then strongly recommend the Filofax. It is an ideal accessory in any women’s handbag.

Beyond New Beginnings

A warm welcome to The Paper Journal. Once more, I am starting afresh. You may ask me, am I an experienced blogger? I guess I am. I have blogged consistently for about a year now, and I am loving it. Indeed it is still running successfully. If you wish to find it, you will need to start looking North; or was it South. First person who finds it, will receive a magic cookie. Thus, I will say no more about my previous blog. This is a new beginning once more. In fact, it is beyond new beginnings.

Why have I started a new blog? The reason is due to my addiction for all things paper & stationery. It is far greater than I would have imagined. As a result, a new blog to showcase this addiction is perfect. In addition, I have recently found so many new stationery websites and blogs. Thus, it was simply perfect timing to create a new blog about my love for stationery.

Subsequently, I welcome new followers and readers. If you are a stationery lover yourself, please subscribe and join me on this journey for a cure. Although, I will admit, a cure will be very hard to find. In fact, It may just be impossible. A cure for stationery addiction is hard to across these days.

Nevertheless, I promise you, you will be admiring many photographs. Some of the photographs will even be taken by myself. Upon request, you may download and admire the photographs yourself. In fact, you may just end up buying the stationery item. I am certain, you will find many Moleskines, Filofaxes and fountain pens on this crazy  journey.

I do hope you enjoy this blog, The Paper Journal. May it grant you many ideas and future wishes.

Much Grace,